Monday, 16 February 2015


In June last year I sent a sympathy card to Texas. The picture on it was my own painting and I added text in the print ordering process. At the time I mentioned to a friend of mine that I wished I trusted myself to put the writing on the actual painting but I didn't trust myself one bit. I have also harboured thoughts, for some time now, of adding to my collection of cards by making a range that has quotes of my own poetry on the front. I thought nothing more of our conversation until I was presented last month with a calligraphy kit by the same friend. What a great gift! Look at it, what a beautiful thing to receive. I don't know how much it cost but I know it was bought in Lidl so that suggests it would be affordable if any of you are looking for something like this. It really is a gorgeous thing to open up.

Thinking I would be a natural and humming a tune, I had my first go as a calligrapher today. I am not a natural! Calligraphy is certainly a skill I will have to acquire and I think it may take some time. I had told Sadie and Holly I'd show them how to use the calligraphy pen and different nibs when I got the hang of it...Ah ha ha ha ha, they've some wait in store! Because they were watching me and their small ears were listening (and what I wanted to shout were definitely swear words) I just shouted, "wah!" Then, "wah, wah, wah, wah, wah."

Blobs abounded and really I should have thought of drawing pencil lines in first. What I achieved today I could have done far better with an ordinary pen. I'm going to keep practicing though because, well, look at that kit! And there are lovely quality cards and envelopes in there just asking for someone with ability to render them masterpieces. Don't hold your breath waiting for my calligraphy update!


  1. Wonderful! One of my school friends is a calligrapher and makes a living from the beautiful works of art she creates, I think it's a really lovely thing to do x

    1. I agree that it is a lovely thing to do...when it's done right!!!! I'll get there (sometime!) but I really thought I'd be swishing the pen around like a quill and taking to it like a duck to water on my first go, no such luck. But just even looking at the set makes me happy so that might have to do for a while. xxx