Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Light Fantastic

 We're officially on Christmas countdown mode here, by we I mean my children, no sooner had they enjoyed Hallowe'en (not just the actual night, they made a week out of it. We educate our children at home but they somehow caught mid-term madness and went bananas.) but they were listing out the landmarks that now stand in the way between them and presents from Santa. Martin has started on the mince pies and I've had a hot port or two. The very first loose baby tooth fell out in this house and Holly is devastated that it wasn't one of hers, between that and there not being any snow when it is officially winter, Holly is quite unhappy about things.

We have three big days before the biggest one on December 25th and they've locked those into
their heads, ready to tick them off in the next few weeks. Allergic though I am to the darker days that are now upon us I really love the light we do have,  I relish lighting candles relatively early and I appreciate how the girls have got Martin into the routine of making hot cocoa for them before bed, I adore how I sleep better when the nights are pitch black. I love Hallowe'en for a lot of reasons, a big one being how it brings light and activity into the darkness. My two got so much out of it this year and, judging by our lack of leftover chocolate on the first day of November, so did the trick-or-treaters who graced us with their presence.

My favourites are the ones who have been told to sing a song or recite a poem in exchange for the treats but I am grateful for every one that makes the effort to visit, especially in costume. I revel in being part of their night eventhough there is no real effort to be made on our part, they're only at the door for a minute. It's such a pleasure to advertise that your house is open for trick-or-treaters and, in a matter of hours, you've met the local children and have nodded at their parents waiting in the cars. The literal light those callers bring is fantastic: Torches, lanterns, flashing Sam Brown belts. I turned the outside lights off a couple of times so we could appreciate it all. It's a party without any cooking or cleaning. I'd take Hallowe'en over Christmas any day but this year I began preparing back in June so I'm taking it in my stride.

                                                                         I did these two paintings recently:

The one of the sheep was inspired by  something I witnessed recently that I want to unsee and the one of the house by all the starlight, half-light, twilight, high light, sharp light, moonlight and blinding light that draws my attention to the sky these days.


  1. I've just realised how much of a slave to fb I am: if it isn't there in front of my eyes, I don't see it... And so, have been meaning for weeks to catch up on my reading here.

  2. Ahhhh, published too soon!! To continue: I love your wit, your girls funnies, especially your paintings! Hope you are all well, you sound happy and content :)

    1. You wouldn't miss too much here, Emily, I don't hit Publish too often! Thank you so much. xx