Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Strewsday: November 2014

Last night I presented the scarves and hats I started knitting months ago. The girls each chose their own colours and I did cast on for each of them on little plastic needles so they could try it out with me but I think they're a bit young yet (it may or may not be a patience issue on my part). It's not that these took me months to do, I even knitted other things in the meantime, more that I suddenly remembered them in their nearly finished state and decided to get them done finally. The mild weather probably helped me forget about winter clothes. I find it hard to believe it is actually winter now, we've been so lucky this year not to have really felt the cold yet.

 I only knit in squares and rectangles and then force things into shape by sewing and these were all knit, not a peek of purl in sight. I do it for enjoyment, there's no danger of me taking the knitting world by storm any time soon. I had promised Sadie and Holly that they could make the pompoms for them. Litle did I realise that they'd decide on twelve for each scarf!

They loved making the pompoms but, as you can imagine, I did most of the work and, in this instance, pompom making took a very long time. I took their enthusiasm with a pinch of salt...they've got form when it comes to getting excited about new hats and then discarding them after a couple of wears. Their favourites are their owl hats that they have for over two years and still choose to wear over anything new. Last year they insisted on penguin hats and then bear hats that are like new still.

 Holly made a very clever observation: Instead of cutting the little pompom loops she wanted to cut the entire ball of wool. Of course, she's right, if I tied it in the middle and she cut the loops she'd have a giant pompom. I wasn't willing to give a whole ball though (Hmmm...that sounds like it could be misconstrued....like it might be used instead of phrases that begin with "I don't give a" and finish with " +*%$". I might start saying "I don't give a ball" but somehow I don't think it'll take off!!)  I'll get them one each soon and they can test Holly's theory. None of this was hard to do and the girls really enjoyed making the pompoms but I was exhausted! Next time I'm going to have a stack of them made in advance, with the help of little hands the pompoms nearly took as long as the knitting. Worth it I think: They look so cute (I may be a teeny bit biased). I was kept highly entertained by incessant joke-telling by two girls who know how telling a joke should sound but haven't got the hang of the punchline having to be funny:

Sadie: Why did the horse run out the gate?
Me: I don't know, why?
Sadie (after a pause for dramatic effect): Because he wanted to!

Holly: Why did the hen eat the bread?
Me: I don't know, why?
Holly (after a pause for dramatic effect): Because she wanted to!

Sorry for making you laugh so much (?!).....The jokes are funny to them though and I do really laugh because it's hilarious to listen to what Sadie and Holly think are jokes and, as you can guess, the other sixty jokes they tell all have the same punchline.

The girls were beside themselves with delirium (the good kind) getting to wear their new hats and scarves when we went out today. When we got home they wanted to jump around in the leaves outside so I changed

their clothes (we are only ever in old, practically-worn-to-a-thread clothes at home). They put their coats and hats on and, of course, out they came in their owl (oul' at this stage) hats, well, at least their new ones weren't expensive! I'll have to settle for the memory of their (not-even-a-full) day in the ones I made for them.


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