Friday, 10 October 2014

Strewsday: October 2014

 It's the middle of October and yet we enjoyed a lovely morning outside in the sun. It's raining now of course but it makes such a difference to the girls when they get part of a day outside and this year they've been very lucky with the weather. They are of the opinion that the thunder and lightning of the last week was all for Hallowe'en and weren't a bit afraid of it...while their mother was hiding in corners and dodging windows. I've been very sick for over a month so today's Strewsday was met with excitement because I've been slacking off on the arts and crafts here. I left a box of tricks outside earlier: toilet roll inserts, markers, card, scissors, a pen and sticky tape. I found these really easy Toilet Roll Bat Buddies over at MollyMoo so we set about making them. I decided on tape instead of glue because when we glue things the children ask me every second if they're dry and my nerves weren't able for that today!

This was such a simple craft to do together, we had a great time, I had to keep pretending to be frightened after lots of pretend bat bites. Sadie and Holly wanted the bats "flying" so I used thread and tape and hung them from hangers. So, we've bats hanging outside all ready for Hallowe'en...and a really scary spider I spotted as I hung the bats up, he's real and I'm afraid!


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