Thursday, 4 September 2014

Strewsday: September 2014

We have gone through mountains of origami paper since Sadie got a present of a book that included almost a ream of it when she was only 2. She loves textures and knew the difference when I tried to offer her normal printer paper instead. Just as well because it's impossible to produce the same results with normal paper anyway. We worked our way through that first giant lot, me making things from the book and Sadie making her own versions. Then I needed more paper and couldn't get it so I bought another book which had paper with it, but it was much less and it too was gone in no time.

Sadie has been asking for more origami paper for nearly a year now. I tried to get it in two of the stationers in Dungarvan and one in Waterford, then I tried a place in Cork that I thought sold everything but they didn't have it either. Cork Art Supplies came up trumps and they had packs of large, medium and small sheets on special offer. I got it about a month ago but said nothing because I wanted to wait until after her birthday so her presents wouldn't be overshadowed by the fantastic news that we had origami paper on the premises!

For her fifth birthday Sadie chose a day out in Cork. We always take them to Smyths in Waterford for their birthdays so they can pick their gift and, inevitably, they both get a present on each birthday. When Holly heard Sadie was going to Smyths in Cork she asked if we'd be going to Nana and Grandad's and I said yes and she ran down to the playroom and came back with Ariel's arm.                              She explained that Ariel had
broken her arm and she needed to tell Nana right away. No flies on Holly, her plan to get her Nana to buy her a new Ariel was thwarted by me warning her that if she broke any more toys she wouldn't be coming to Smyths with us. Of course this didn't bother her at all , she just explained that Ariel had broken her own arm when she was dancing and fell down the slide and then asked me if she should maybe ring Nana and tell her.

We had the nicest day out. Smyths was relieved of two digibirds which I think are brilliant, I was so glad that Sadie didn't choose a teddy bear. We headed out to Wilton then for a walk around
Penneys and Porters (Sadie and Holly both chose a Scooby Doo poster for the room they share, there was no negotiating with them to choose two different ones). There was resistance to holding my hand or Martin's or my mam's and when I said they had to hold someone's hand they waltzed off with each other, fiercely independent! After chips and burgers, we headed home. Sadie and Holly were exhausted, you'd think
we'd been abroad. When the girls and digibirds were asleep I noticed that Sadie had arranged her cards with mine at the front, this may have been accidental but I was delighted. On Tuesday, I revealed the origami paper to shrieks of delight.

We set about making all kinds of things, Holly made skateboards for her ponies and Sadie made "grey rooks" (I say crows but Martin says grey rooks) and I was ordered to work from certain pages
of the books. I was fine with the fish and the baby birds but Sadie had her heart set on a crane and seemed a little judgemental about the end result....."I don't mind if he looks a bit broken." I used to use origami all the time for teaching English because it's great for instructing via commands with a visual representation of whether the instructions were followed correctly or not. I used to be really good at it but I'm so slow now, I need a lot of secret practice before our next session.

Holly admired my purple nail varnish while we were folding and then went off to get her pencil case.
                                                I was nervous because, she is always dying to have her nails painted and I've always said that she's too young, but when I recently wore green polish I noticed Holly had coloured her nails green too as we were heading out the door. She had gone and found a matching shade in her markers! This time though she just wanted to draw eyes on the origami fish. This strewsday was tough on me but Sadie and Holly really enjoyed it. Every time I pick up what looks like a bit of paper for the recycling I'm told to leave their tiger/frog/house/car/plane/Barbie blanket alone. It could be worse, I could be Princess Ariel, who Holly decided wasn't disfigured enough to warrant Nana's attention so she cut her tail off as well.

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