Monday, 4 August 2014

Many Talents: Emily Rainsford Ryan

Image credit: Emily Rainsford Ryan

I have never met Emily Rainsford Ryan who blogs at The Nest. I am a fan and a follower (just on social media, I don't stalk her, not that I don't want to, I just don't have the time at the moment!).

I've mentioned her before and have pointed out my little angel lady in my kitchen, made by her good self.

She is an established Irish artist and I am a customer of hers. The print over there is next on my list. I think 'Bloom where you are planted' is such a lovely sentiment and the striking artwork is so aesthetically pleasing. This and other prints are available at Emily's Society 6 shop along with tote bags, clocks, cushions and a wealth of other gorgeous things.

She has just launched her new ranges of cards and I have just received the pack I ordered. She will soon have them in her Etsy shop. I used one straight away ('This is for you') to go with a gift and I've framed one, don't you think they are beautiful? These ones are heavy, flat card with rounded edges, six in a pack with envelopes.

Last year I showed Martin Emily's personalised baby prints in her Etsy shop and he asked me to order one for a new baby that was due in his family. He is very particular (when it comes to gifts for his family!) and always likes a baby gift to be something with the baby's name on it. These prints come complete with name, birthdate and weight. They are on linen card and there is a choice of chaffinch or blue tit with bunting where the details are added. I asked Emily if, instead of her posting the print to us she would send it directly to the parents of the new baby. So, I sent her our New Baby card and she included it in the package. This was a very handy way to do things, we only paid

Image credit: Emily Rainsford Ryan

        for postage once (it would have been twice if we'd had the print sent to us because then we'd have been posting it on to the recipients). Also, I asked Emily if she would purchase a frame and send that too. I think the frame cost about the same as the print so it was a good deal for a high quality, unique gift and it meant that we didn't have to buy one and send it on. I asked for a photo before it was posted so that Martin could see the finished product. Looks great, doesn't it? He was extremely happy with it and also delighted that he didn't have to go from shop to shop looking for the right gift. We were 100% satisfied with the gift and the super service and we didn't have to leave the house.

We're not the only ones who love these personalised baby gift prints, you can read more rave reviews at and Mama Courage.

There really is no end to Emily Rainsford Ryan's talents. She makes dolls too, look at this 12" Waldorf, the woman is unstoppable!

So, if you're thinking of gifts or a something nice for your home I highly recommend Emily's products and service, you will be a happy customer just like me.


  1. Thank you Joanna!! I really wasn't expecting this, but thank you :-) :-) Looking forward to meeting you in "real life" very soon; and it could be me stalking you for paintings, jams, cordials etc etc!!!

    1. You're welcome but sure it's all true anyway. x

  2. Absolutely lovely - and I like being able to find something a bit different to give to friends and family, but without trawling the shops or lots of rubbishy websites x

    1. Yes, that's it, something different and it makes such a difference to be able to rely on high quality. X