Saturday, 23 August 2014

August Ramblings

If you were to describe someone or something as august I think it would elicit a response from you that would resemble at the very least interest and would possibly veer towards being impressed. I know that's not why August is called August but I do think this month commands a certain amount of attention. I'm gripped by the bright days and nearly worshipping any warm ones while still aware that I can't be complacent about the washing on the line.

I'm posting my paintings update today, I like to keep track of them. They're not august though, just August ones!  First up is my collection of boat pictures. The first is finished and the other two are nearly there. Martin and I had a little holiday at the start of this month. We stayed at home while Sadie and Holly went to my parents' house to wear my sister and parents down to their last nerves. It was only 3 days in total including driving them there and collecting them but Martin and I really enjoyed ourselves and the girls didn't want to come home. We spent so much time talking about them while they were gone and, eventhough we really enjoyed our break, Sadie and Holly just make this house a home and we missed them too. When I say no to something the girls just go off and get Martin to say yes to it and he often says, "OK, for a quiet life" so now Sadie and Holly have started asking him for things and then saying "do it for a quiet life, Dad". I don't know how many times Martin told me that when we were here on our own. Another tale that was recounted was from when Holly was about 6 months old and Sadie was coming up to her second birthday: I was at the counter in Dunnes and Sadie leaned out from the trolley over to the cashier and said, "my mammy likes party chicks and my dad likes black chicks." I remember standing
A party chick and a black chick
 there thinking that there was no way of explaining that so I just turned and walked away mumbling about Lego. You see Sadie had been making chicks and ducks out of Lego in the days before this revelation at the checkout. Some were made out of two red blocks so she called them red chicks, some were made out of two blue blocks so they were blue chicks, the ones that were made out of two black blocks were, of course, black chicks and the ones that were made up of two different colour blocks were party chicks. Martin and I didn't really notice what we were picking when Sadie asked us to choose our favourites! I will never forget the look on that woman's face as she gave me my receipt.

We went mad altogether sans children despite our constant talking about them: A 9pm cinema showing, takeaways, coffee out, the library without the children's section and walks by the water in Dungarvan. That's when the boats caught my eye.

Next is a gift I made for my cousin, a painting of his little boy. They visited us over the summer and really the child had grown so much in the time between my doing the painting and the visit that I felt a bit embarrassed handing it over but I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Last and most certainly not least is Sadie and Horse (yes, Horse the horse is named Horse). Sadie's birthday is still a while off but I made this card for her while she was on her holidays because I can't do anything in secret here when the children are around. Martin's brother and sister-in-law dropped in a My Little Pony colouring book to be put away for Sadie on her birthday so I hid it immediately and yet, when Sadie and Holly were back from their holidays just a couple of hours, Holly asked me if there were two My Little Pony colouring she saw through a locked door and a wardrobe and a box I can't figure out! So, the card was done in secret and is still a secret. When we were talking about Sadie's birthday (like since her last birthday!!) she listed out all she wanted and one of the things was a card with her and Horse on it. If I didn't get the painting done I knew I could print out a photo and stick it on a card but I'm thrilled I did manage it, I hope she likes it. She also wants a flamingo birthday cake but really my skills in that area will not make that happen but there is an owl one in Tesco that I might add in with that week's grocery delivery and hopefully it'll still be the august affair Sadie is planning!


  1. You made me run out to check the washing on the line and then choke on my lunch (with laughter) over the black and party chicks. Lovely paintings too x

    1. Thank you xxx, don't choke! I really wished the ground would swallow me up that day! I did two loads of washing today because I know it's going to rain, I've an eagle eye trained on the line now.