Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Strewsday: June 2014

I'm trying not to complain about the weather so I won't. This is just a statement of fact: There is a torrential downpour in progress. It was at least dry enough yesterday and
today to get out in the mornings and this morning was bright and sunny. Sadie and Holly have wanted a picnic every single rainy day recently and said nothing about a picnic today when it was possible so I strewed one. I made sure to feed them their lunch first because my experience of picnics with my children is lots of fun and no real eating.

I sometimes use the teaset ware for serving the girls' meals, they think it's brilliant. It's a bit of a pain because they like tea in the teapot which I'm sure is not made for real tea and my nerves are always tingling as they take turns pouring it into their cups but they really enjoy it so I usually just accept that I'll be cleaning tea up off the floor. There really isn't that much spilling of liquid anymore but when it happens I don't waste my time asking questions because toys like Captain Flamingo and Princess Ariel usually get the blame as Sadie and Holly are more than a little entertained by saying that their toys peed, they think that's hilarious.

Outside I put an old cot mattress sheet on the table and the two girls got to work. There just had to be saucers under the cups, I don't know how they know that because they have never seen a saucer used in this house and also I believe we only have one saucer anyway. Holly insisted on me singing Polly
Put The Kettle On before she poured out the tea. They never drink so much tea as when they're using their teaset.

Horse (the horse), Ireland Teddy (the Ireland teddy) and Daisy Doll were forced to join in. Both Sadie's and Holly's Jewel and Marcel birds were brought along too. Daisy Doll was given a plastic egg and a plastic apple, Ireland Teddy got a plastic potato and a glass of water, Horse got a plastic carrot and Marcel x2 and Jewel x2 got biscuits and crisps (spot the favourites).
I was ordered to grate cheese and also to portion out bananas, crisps and biscuits.

The sun was hardly splitting the stones but Sadie told me that Ireland Teddy's eyes were hot and gave him her sunglasses.
At one point I came with fresh tea and quickly drank the cup of water that had been allocated to one of the Jewels and made the day of two small girls who believed that Jewel drank it. They had a long discussion about how she did it! I really like this teaset because it has a few extra little things, the salt and pepper shakers make noises when you shake them and the eggs can be split and put back together.

Sadie and Holly were kept engrossed for ages, they had a great time and I had a cappuccino, it was a very relaxing picnic for me.  Of course it degenerated into water all over the table as Sadie and Holly pretended that the Marcels and Jewels were peeing. What a nice change to have the liquid being spilled outside, maybe Marcel and Jewel are finally going to be house-trained!


  1. Yes, outdoor 'accidents' are definitely easier to clean up :) Looks like loads of fun xx

    1. It was, thank you, and unusually relaxing, I hope I haven't spoken too soon!

  2. I want to go on your picnic - it really does sound magical

    1. You're welcome any time.....Although I might try and veer you to the cappuccino nook and leave the children to the picnic!