Thursday, 26 June 2014

100 Happy Days

I started the 100 Happy Days challenge on 19th March. Today is the 26th of June, my 100th day. I decided to do it but not to post every day because I'm deliberately not online every day and also I thought I might not complete it.
My 100 photos are below. I'm not going to explain every one. I've deliberately kept them small as a lot of them aren't great shots and they won't mean anything to anyone but me. They're not as obvious as they might seem. I quickly realised that so much was not possible to capture by camera, for example: A song/music on the radio, a line that jumped out at me while reading, a painting that turned out the way I wanted, something one of my children said, the day the woman in front of my at the post office apologised to me for being out in her nightwear and explained that she never ever does that but that she had to pay the TV licence. That woman went on to tell me that she doesn't know why she pays the licence because there's nothing on the TV and that she only watches Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Fair City. There were other people in the post office that day but she zoned in on me. I was only there to buy a 90c stamp but I ended up in stitches when she finally let me out of there. Obviously I couldn't take a photo of her (although, honestly, I probably could have) but, because I was in the 100 Happy Days zone of looking out for things that made me happy it registered that her little drama did make me laugh.

Jane's Fluffy Cloud Egg Muffins / Caitríona's Fruit Samosas
Days number 68 and 79 need to be credited to recipes from That Curious Love Of Green and Wholesome Ireland. Jane's Fluffy Cloud Egg Muffins and Caitríona's Fruit Samosas are both divine and very welcome additions to my breakfast choices. I usually have a cooked breakfast and both of these are fabulous, easy and delicious.  Both blogs offer regular recipes and good ideas, I can highly recommend them, as can my children because sometimes I wonder what we'd have been eating the last couple of years if I hadn't started to delve into the blogs
of those who know about food.

You'll see there's no link to the Wholesome Ireland recipe, that's because it's in the book, Wholesome. You can buy it from  Amazon or Mercier Press and when I say 'can' I mean 'should'. You should buy it, it is a reliable book just like Caitríona's blog. It has given us such a boost here with all its new ideas and, take it from someone who doesn't like cooking, it's really easy to follow and worth every penny (and it doesn't cost that much to begin with).

Two days from now it will be Martin's and my wedding anniversary. We took the Afternoon Tea cruise from New Ross on The Galley River Cruising Restaurant today to celebrate. I didn't know when I started my 100 Happy Days that I'd finish up on the day we'd celebrate 7 years together. It's ironic because we got married on the 28th of June but we had initially booked our slot at the civic offices for the 29th, we had invited all our friends and family to our house for a housewarming on the 30th where we'd tell them we were married. We got a phonecall from the registrar on the 27th to ask if we could move our marriage forward because she'd double booked and, since we weren't having any guests, she thought ours might be the easiest one to reschedule. She rescheduled our marriage for the very next day, the 28th. And here's the irony, it's only a teeny bit ironic: I tried to book the river cruise for the 28th so we'd be celebrating on the day but it was booked out so we decided on the 26th instead....a little early and the last day of my 100 Happy Days project. Hopefully not the last of our happy days together!!!! As it was on the day we got married it was lashing rain today too.
When I started the challenge I felt there might be days when I wouldn't have a photo to show because there wouldn't have been something that made me happy. What I discovered is that if the challenge had asked for TEN or more things per day that made me happy I'd have been able to list them. I could have completed this with photos of just my children or just things I noticed in my garden. I've learned that there is a lot of happiness in my life. Some days I had so many photos to choose from I just picked the first one of that day, other days I realised I'd registered the happy moments but not taken any photos so took one at the last minute.
Here are my 100 Happy Days. The photos won't mean much to you but those moments, along with the ones I couldn't capture, mean a lot to me. I hope you have a happy day today!



  1. Lovely piece, happy 100th day to you!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the challenge - it's great when you realise just how many good things there are in your life :) I think so anyway x

    1. I agree, when I took the time to focus on things that made me happy I realised there were lots. Thank you xx

  3. Oh Joanna, that's really lovely, I've found that doing something consistently makes you so much more aware but cements that awareness in your brain :) happy anniversary! X

    1. Yes, "cements" is a great word, I was so surprised how it became like a physical mantra, the trick now is to keep it up! Thanks Emily.