Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Legless Ladybird

We have an abundance of ladybirds this year, I'm presuming it's not just us! They seem to be everywhere. Holly named one Horseshoe and said it was her pet and is being constantly amazed by Horseshoe's seeming ability to be near her at all times. She won't entertain the idea that there are many ladybirds but is firmly sticking to her story that her pet is following her. She picks him up every so often and has a little chat with him and gives him a rub. She made a boat for him with a plastic lid on Saturday and sent him on a sailing trip in a bucket of water. He was still there when we returned from the beach and she was just ecstatic.
Lucky we took our chance for a beach outing because Saturday was the only nice day recently, it's been raining every day since.

Sadie and Holly were drawing ladybirds earlier and told me I should paint a picture of Horseshoe. Thinking I did a super job I showed the end result to my daughters who nearly choked laughing at it. They were barely able to get the words "you forgot his legs" out they were so convulsed. Sadie told Holly, "Oh, I think he's on a skateboard" and they laughed some more. I suggested to Holly that she might rename her pet Legless and she told me no because the real Horseshoe has legs. Maybe it will entertain you too! If you can tear yourself away from Horseshoe skateboarding here's a little paintings update:

First up is a finished piece and another in progress. The one of the horses is nearly finished.



Next are three finished pieces: The middle one was one I did for Easter as an egg hunt painting. I
love it. I'm fascinated lately by the movement of people so I'm working from some photos of my children. The foxgloves one is fine, I'm just not mad about it but I'm really happy with how the hare turned out and I'll be adding that to my collection of cards.

Another to enter the cards collection is this finished painting of a robin:


The painting of mother and child was a gift I made. I worked off a photo taken in hospital and then incorporated the pathway and flowers from another photo the mother in the photo had shared online. My pathway and flowers are vague while in her photo there are daffodils in full bloom and bursting with colour but I only wanted to suggest it in the background. My daughters at the beach last year (now that was a summer!) checking their nets is also finished.


More of my girls here. The photo I worked from was actually taken in Dungarvan town and didn't have a single tree in it but my children were collecting leaves off the concrete. The red admiral butterfly is one I've just started. I may have to adapt it to include a skateboard to explain the lack of feet in it!


  1. I find your paintings fascinating-and beautiful. You get such great movement in your paintings, movement even from skate boarding leg less ladybirds!!!!

    1. Thanks Emily, my children don't pull any punches!

  2. Aw I think the ladybird is lovely - legless though he is! Beautiful paintings - I love the girls at the beach and the mother and baby - really lovely

  3. Adore the paintings of your children, I can't take my eyes off them in the pictures, just gorgeous.

    PS The ladybirds are invading the house here :)

    1. Thank you. I'm sure it can only be a good thing that there are so many ladybirds, for the environment I mean eventhough it is probably good for Holly too to feel such loyalty from her 'pet'!