Thursday, 3 April 2014

Tiny Renoir

I read this article the other day, it's about the teeny tiny painting attributed to Renoir that had been missing for over 60 years. It is painted on a napkin. I read about it and forgot about it until we were in the throes of our own painting here.

Our usual routine is that the girls are at one side of the table and I'm at the other and when the stack of paper has run out I don't give them any more. So, the paper ran out and I started clearing everything up. Sadie, not to be discouraged by lack of paper, tore off a piece of kitchen roll and kept painting.

I'm not trying to be funny (!!) but it has me questioning all this about the famous tiny Renoir. The immortal words of Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous's Season 3 (Door Handle episode) rang through my head:

      "What the hell is the difference between a painting done by a person
who wishes to paint like a child, and a child's painting?"
I hadn't mentioned the article to anyone so I found myself in stitches at Sadie (I don't get out much). I had another look at this famous Renoir napkinpiece and thought how does the art world know it was his? Don't you think it would be more convincing if they told you it was a Degas? I think you could see little ballerinas in it easily. Anyway, should you want to purchase a painting by my very own tiny Renoir (aka 4-year-old Sadie) then do let me know, we estimate it will be worth a fortune though so be warned:
My tiny Renoir with her own tiny Sadie-original

I just did my paintings on acrylic paper. Here's what I was working on. I started the horses one ages ago and thought it would go in the 'just not working out' pile but I'm happy with it now and I think it will make it to my cards collection. The swan and the duck, however, might be a lost cause. I'll put it away for a while. The daffodils and my girls on the beach, I just love how those turned out. I have a few very very small tweaks to make to the beach one but overall I'm very happy with them. Should I have painted them on miniature napkins? Only time will tell.


  1. The mistake I made was in displaying all my daughter's best work, and so it got destroyed! Love your pictures too, and I really like the colours in the swan and duck one x

    1. What a shame and there's no getting it back. Thanks, I'll return to the swan one at some stage, I think my fear of swans might be getting in the way!

  2. Love the tiny napkin painting! ! I often put paintings away until I get a new lease of life for them. Otherwise I keep going and make a complete bags of them!

    1. Emily, that napkin painting will be worth a fortune some day, I'm sure!!!! I'm glad you do that with paintings too, the horses one had been on the pile for a long time.