Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Strewsday: April 2014

This month's Strewsday was stressful. Orders were shouted at me and I couldn't go fast enough! I hold Lego responsible. The girls adore their Lego and regularly want something impossible made out of it. I am always getting injured by the stuff and today's culprit, the Lego magazine, leads us on creative journeys that seem safe enough but turn out to be fraught with danger.

I strewed large sheets of card, leftover bits of wrapping paper, old catalogues and photos, glitter glue, PVA glue and stampers. The plan was to surprise Sadie and Holly who had fallen in love with the Make Your Own Paper Crown piece in the latest Lego magazine (which, incidentally, I always have to read twice eventhough Sadie and Holly get the very same magazine each).

When it dawned on the children that there was a lot of preparation they insisted on painting while I did the donkey work and shouted orders at me and repeatedly told me I was doing something wrong. I did my marking and cutting and handed over the templates for decoration.
While they were engrossed in decoration, Holly told me she's going to be a princess when she grows
up. Sadie told me she is going to be an adult. Holly told her that adults help princesses so Sadie would be able to live in the castle with her. Sadie said she wouldn't help but she would live in the castle and wear princess clothes. They told me I could live there too but if Martin wanted to live there he'd have to wear prince clothes. They laughed at that. More stress waiting for the soaked-in-glue-and-weighted-down-with-ornaments crowns to dry and then, hurray!, outside to play princesses in a castle. Stressday. No thank you Lego!


  1. oh yes. The pain of make & do. nnnggghhhh! A lot of make & do stuff goes missing in our house. It's quite a mystery really.

    1. Ha ha, there is a lovely 'make a farm out of plaster' kit in a secret place here for the last few months!