Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Strewsday: March 2014

The 16th March was a beautiful day here in the sunny South East. Sun screen and hats were put on and we were outside all day. The light! It was amazing to bask in it as we were surrounded by daffodils in full bloom, forsythia dappling itself in yellow and flowers on the rosemary. The 17th started off just as lovely but fast lost its glow and became overcast and wet as the day wore on.

 Sadie and Holly were very lucky that Martin's family were on holiday in Waterford so they got to see their cousins on St. Patrick's Day and the day before. The excitement was fierce. They rooted out their tricolour wigs and flags from last year and, of course, their faces just had to be tattooed with discount shop water-activated transfers. Holly kept changing her mind about the dressing-up and tattoos and it was a pain taking those things off her face and reapplying them.

I knew what I was going to strew on St. Patrick's Day because Holly had told me in no uncertain terms that cupcakes (she says cupcakes, I say queen cakes) would have to be made on St. Patrick's Day. I did not anticipate that Martin's family would bring an abundance of gifts (including Hello Kitty colouring books, sure I know there's no beating those) and my Strewsday surprise would be a let down!

Ah, it really was only a let down initially... When Sadie and Holly looked into the basket and saw something teeny, they were disappointed. But the Dr. Oetker Writing Icing was soon to impress them.

We had made queen cakes from this muffin recipe. My bread soda had disappeared and I used chocolate chips instead of butterscotch chips (which sound to die for but I was unable to locate them locally) but they turned out just right in terms of taste and as a surface for two young artists to work on.

The excitement started building when I opened the icing pens and topped a few queen cakes with a shamrock drawing. Intense icing scribbling began along with eating finished works of art as they were completed. We barely had any left to offer our guests later.

The girls were persuaded to allow some of the freshly-iced cakes to set and be kept for sharing. We practiced Shoe The Donkey, The Peeler And The Goat and Heel And Toe in the meantime. We had planned a little dancing session when everyone would be there later but the children were far too busy playing and the time flew by.


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