Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Barefaced Tablecloth

I read this post on Bumbles of Rice yesterday and found it interesting and entertaining. I don't post much online (well, compared to other people) and I deliberately don't talk about things that represent difficulties or embarrassments in my life. However, I enjoy reading other people's real life stories and admire honesty which I think there is a lot of among bloggers. Sometimes, eventhough I might not have blogged about something negative it gives me consolation to read someone else's post about a similar experience. BUT! I also love to read the good things and I like to see photos that are well-taken and I appreciate ones that are staged. I don't know if staged is the right word and if I think of a more appropriate one I'll fix that sentence (arranged/styled???)! What I mean is that I consider a well-written piece or a nice shot a kind of indulgence to my senses and I don't mind if the author/photographer is glossing over something because I'm enjoying it and a lot of the time the pieces and photos are nothing short of truly artistic.

The post I read yesterday was fun and asked for a "reality check". In my Facebook profile picture and some other photos online I'm not wearing any make-up so there's no point in me posting a selfie without make-up.  So, here are two things that everyone who visits my house in real life knows: 1. I previously wrote on my old blog about the vortex that is my hot press. I still can't offer you a photo of the full extent of the chaos because it
might be distressing to some viewers, but here's a teeny bit of it, the baskets that I keep all of my children's clothes in. I don't keep any of their clothes in their room because I'm so tired of them throwing them all over the place all the time.

2. I have never revealed this online: Brace yourself! I cover up my new tablecloth with my old one to keep the new one clean. Yes, I do. Real-life visitors to my house often say things like, "ooooh, we're getting the royal treatment today, you have the old tablecloth off". I will explain that it is because they don't have children with them or because my children have gone to bed. Or, it could be that I think they might take photos while they're here.

Can you see the difference? The old one is covered in paint and other unidentified stains and tears and the new one is perfect. Sometimes, after the children go to bed I actually remove the old one so I can sit at the new one and then I put the manky one back on again for the morning round of madness.

When I was taking these photos earlier my husband asked me why I was looking in the kitchen window. I told him the truth of course: That I was taking photos for my blog and if I took the photos from the other side of the table everyone would see through the window (I only put the curtains up on that window in the summer, yes, that's true too) and all the crap outside it would be revealed.


  1. I love it! What a brilliant idea of having two tablecloths!! I wouldn't be embarassed at that at all - it is a great idea, esp with kids in the house! Also had a good giggle at you taking the 'good' side of your table too. I am currently ashamed on my garden lol

  2. Thanks! You'd swear those cuts of vinyl or whatever they are cost a fortune the way I protect it!!! There are parts of my garden that I should invest in tablecloths for too and just throw them over and forget they exist.