Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A Sign Of Stars

The Book Of Destinies by Jane Struthers is one of my favourite possessions. Not just because I love its descriptions of the meanings of tarot cards or the information it contains on the history of palm reading. It has the most beautiful illustrations. My favourites are the sun sign ones.

I was looking for something personal to fit in with other things on my kitchen wall. The living room has all the photos and I didn't want more photos of us directly opposite the kitchen table. I looked at the images in this book and decided I'd try to do something with the Chinese signs or the sun signs. As it turned out two of the four of us share the same Chinese sign so I decided to go with the sun ones.

I photocopied the four images at a stationers. My own printer would do a good job but I wanted to get really sharp copies to highlight the wonderful colours.

I cut the images out and arranged them on a white page and put them in a black A3 frame. I am so happy with the finished product and I am delighted that it is something that represents the four of us.

In my totally biased opinion I think our sign of stars fits in perfectly with the other things on the wall. I particularly like the way the woman representing Virgo seems to tie in with what I call my angel lady which was made by Emily at The Nest. I'm also pleased with how there seems to be enough
circles to balance the frame edges out.


  1. How completely honoured I am to be on your wall :) and I really like the images you printed out: the illustration ARE really beautiful... I must check out that book, I'd live to read and learn more. Lovely post Joanna! Xx

    1. You'd love it. I have it years, I think I might even have bought it second-hand. We love you on our wall!