Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Strewsday: February 2014

At my sister's wedding a few weeks ago we had three of my cousins at our table, Cian, Tadhg and Stephen. Lucky we did because we were all in a bit of a fog: My brother (when I say 'my' bear in mind I'm one of six but I don't want it to sound like he's Martin's brother too!!!), Colm, had been in an accident and was a few days into an induced coma. Within the week Dee and Ollie had been on
honeymoon and come home again and Colm was awake and getting better by the second. But, on that day, which of all of us the bride found most difficult, Deirdre's cousins took on the role of siblings while her actual siblings were a bit dazed and confused!

Deirdre and Ollie had organised colouring books and pencils at the children's places and everyone commented on how Sadie put all her might into the colouring, the pencils were stubs in no time. A few days later and just when I was compiling a strewing exercise a parcel came in the post for Sadie and Holly which overshadowed my efforts: An Everything's Rosie sticker book and....drumroll...a book of Hello Kitty posters and watercolours. My girls love all things Hello Kitty, they like Everything's Rosie too but you do not want to stand between them and an item of Hello Kitty merchandise.

To work! My own gathering of things had included watercolours since they'd never used them. The
Everything's Rosie book had faces that needed sticker eyes, etc. so there was great fun had along with fighting over a nose being for Big Bear or a button being for Rosie. Holly just had to be allowed put the facial features on Holly because she loves the Everything's Rosie Holly and Princess Holly from Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom don't you know! The watercolours were a new experience and the girls really enjoyed having their own little bowl of water, it's the little things.

The first attempts with the watercolours were a bit frustrating as the painters made holes in the paper but they soon got the hang of it. Happiness is a wonderful surprise by post!.....or for Colm's wife, Lindsay, I'm sure it's having her husband back and a bit of order restored to her life.



  1. I'm so pleased Colm is on the mend, what a really horrible shock for all of you. We had a day of painting today too: didn't turn out quite as I had planned (does it ever) and James' mouth was blue for quite a while after he drank the paint water... Hello Kitty is a big favourite in our house too; haven't come across Everything Rosue yet, but I have a little girl who no doubt would just love it!

    1. I just don't get the appeal of Hello Kitty but how it is adored by my two! I'm in stitches at James drinking the paint water, it must have looked tasty!