Monday, 13 January 2014

Strewsday: January 2014

This month's Strewsday Tuesday is less about strewing and more about doing but I felt I had to dedicate it to a particular craft that Sadie and Holly did last week. I didn't leave anything lying around but my friend, Brenda, called and gave the girls a present: A pottery kit of a frame, vases and jewellery boxes and the paints to decorate them was a surprise. Excitement! Brenda also brought me flowers and there could be no rest for anyone in our house until Sadie and Holly each had their own newly-decorated vase so they could have their own flowers in water. We were going away for a few days the next day and would be seeing Jenny, my cousin's daughter, and Holly was overwhelmed with generous thoughts of making a jewellery box for her. Holly considers Jenny to be her friend despite Sadie's insistence that she was both their friend. In the end Sadie said she was going to paint a jewellery box for their cousin, Charlotte.

Lots of fun and a surprising amount of paint control
later, we had to allow the paint to dry for 24 hours. This meant that we would leave before the next step of setting the paint in the oven had to be done. So, Sadie and Holly decided to paint pictures for their friends instead.

The girls dealt admirably with the disappointment that they wouldn't be handing out fantastic gifts and set about very imaginative works, all of which told stories. Both Sadie and Holly did a painting for Jenny and Sadie couldn't stop at Charlotte once she got going so she did paintings for her other two West Cork cousins as well.


All of Sadie's paintings were birds and I think Holly's was initially a bird too until Sadie announced that Jenny would love her bird. Holly said, "no, Jenny loves turtles so she will love my painting of Tango the turtle." (There is no way Holly could know whether Jenny likes turtles or not!)
We came home and were literally in the door when we had to bake the pottery. I thought Holly was going to burst while waiting for it to cool before we could put water in the vases.
A fantastic result and I would definitely do something like this again, not that I'll have a choice, the list of people who will be receiving jewellery boxes and vases is getting longer by the minute. Sadie drew a flamingo to go in the frame and she has insisted it go on the mantle piece.



  1. They look absolutely wonderful, wow the paint control is right! "We" received a gift of a plaster frame to paint... but you had to make the frame first... plaster is a disaster in our house!! Well done Sadie and Holly!

    1. Emily, I really feel all the 'painting' they've done until now has been great for them, I couldn't believe how neat they were especially on a slippery surface. I think having to make anything first would have been a step too far for them yet though.

  2. Right at this very moment in time, I just have one of the boys with me. It's positively blissfull AND he is sitting by my side painting away. It is much more enjoyable, much less stressful and a helluva lot cleaner when there is just one artist at the table. Your girlies did an amazing job.

    1. Thank you, they are very proud of themselves, they keep asking me to take photos of their works of art! In the few years that Sadie and Holly have been painting (messing with paints, brushes and whatever is around) it has been stressful about 80% of the time and that's just with two of them (people like you with more than two are my heroes), but I always thought it was so good for them to experiment. I'm half afraid to say this but I think the worst might be behind us now *touches wood.*