Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Joanna's Choice: The Animal Boogie

My two girls love dancing. If I'm listening to the radio Holly will often ask (tell) me to change it to music so rather than switch channels I usually put on a CD. We are happy to dance without knowing the words but we have recently got into books with CDs here too. The Animal Boogie book and CD from Barefoot Books is a hit with us. It's basic, repetitive and catchy. It incorporates a guessing game too. Holly (aged 3 years) likes to just dance and Sadie (aged 4 years) likes to have the words read to her before and after the music.

There are three tracks on the CD: Music of the tune plays while you get organised, then there's the music with the singing and finally music with animal noises after that, it's very good quality audio but you can just read the book or sing it without the CD. I had mastered the tune after listening to it once. It is noticeably true to the Barefoot Books core values of instilling "a respect for cultural, social and ecological diversity."  If you're so inclined there is music notation at the back of the book. This is a thin book, very handy for children looking at in bed or bringing to Nana and Grandad's house.

A flexi cover (243mmx248mm) with a slot for the CD, very colourful and exciting pictures and a recap of the animals from the story at the end gets this book a thumbs up from us. My children have 'read' this on their own and predicted the animals before turning the pages. I will be investing in more from this range.

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