Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Strewsday: December 2013

Sadie and Holly couldn't play outside yesterday and this morning was so overcast I knew it would be the perfect day to start Strewsday Tuesdays. To be fair it is December but we've been so spoiled with mild weather until now that we're not used to being stuck indoors. Our stereo in the playroom doesn't play CDs anymore since Sadie took to standing on it but I have it set to Lyric FM so I put that on.

I put coloured threading cord, pom poms with plastic channels in them and a roll of self adhesive sticker eyes in my strewing basket and left it on the table in the playroom. It took about an hour before my children came across it.

They decided on what to make out of the surprise haul. I cut the string and threaded the pom poms for Holly, Sadie did the threading herself. They initially wanted to use the small pom poms but the string was too thick to go through them. The big pom poms on the string became necklaces.

 Any kind of stickers are loved in this house but Sadie and Holly were, as would be said in Cork, weak for the eye ones! The Lego vultures, pheasants, "dingo-dangoes" (not sure of that spelling!) and dinosaurs were brought to the table to be "eyed" ("I eyed him" was what Sadie said) and the small pom poms were eyed to become spiders.

Soon enough everything in the playroom had eyes but I have to say that the roll of sticker eyes, which contains a thousand eyes, is one of the best things I ever bought (at David Walsh's) because there's no backing which I always have to remove before the girls can take off individual stickers and they are so much fun. Sadie and Holly loved picking particular colour eyes too and as far as I could see no creature got a matching pair.

Not to leave any leftovers, the small pom poms made excellent heads for string snakes that were pieces of string connected by sticker eyes.

We did OK today even with being stuck inside.


  1. Well that is the best expression I've heard for a long while ("weak for them"!!) stickers are a major hit in our house too (table and chair legs a favourite landing spot) I'll keep an eye out for the eyes, they look brilliant, I know many a creature that could do with an odd coloured pair ;-)

  2. The stickers are so convenient too, Emily, on a roll! But that is the downside here...everything has eyes now! I think they're a bit better than the googly eyes that my two love but they're a bit young for them.